I'm an Web Engineer born in Italy with a passion for photography and gym training.

Being a good web engineer in today's technology world means, for me, knowing both the faces of the coin: web design/development and system planning/administration. This is what I try to achieve every day.


  • AJAX Web Application design and development: The Net world changes fast, creating something that make people lives better is a very stimulant challenge
  • Startups: I'm involved in Startup Saturday, an association that promotes events about startups and innovation
  • Travels: I'm changing the way people travel with Triptapp
  • Networks: as a Telecommunication Engineer, I love everything that travels from A to B and bring information, more if it travels wirelessly
  • Linux: all aspects of system and network administration, user space development and desktop tricks
  • Weather: I've always been fascinated by the weather and its changes. I own and develop weather modules to control what's going on over my head

Spoken Languages

  • Italian - native
  • English - good


Photography, gym and sleeping.

Technical Skills

Passion is the key that drives my work: without passion, there's no excellence.
In the next section you can find a list of my skills, the most important of them being my real passion.


Javascript: Underscore.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, Kineticjs
Node.js (work setup: Express/Connect, Passport, Mongoose, Redis)
.NET Framework C# (Webforms, MVC, WebAPI)
PHP and Yii Framework
HTML5/CSS3 + Twitter Bootstrap
HTML template engine: underscore, handlebars/mustache, Jade
RESTful APIs - SOAP Web services
NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis
LINQ, Entity Framework
VCS: SVN, git, CVS


Azure cloud architecture and services
Linux Administration
Windows Server Administration
Virtualization technologies


TCP/IP network protocols
WLAN protocols 802.11a/b/g, 802.1X
Switches, routers, firewalls tweaks
Ubiquiti Networks technologies
Cisco technologies
RFID technology

Work Experience

"Felice colui che ha trovato il suo lavoro; non chieda altra felicita'" - Thomas Carlyle

Startup Saturday (

Co-Founder and CTO
- Responsible for the entire technical department: website, domain, email.
- Development of custom code for the association's website

TripTapp (

Co-Founder and Web Engineer
- Independent decisions about the entire dev stack: cloud hosting, databases, server side frameworks, client side frameworks, REST API design.
- Full development of the app: server and client side
-Interviewing customers to find market fit and define an MVP.


Web engineer & System admin
- AJAX Web application design and development. - Linux and Windows server administration. - Network debug/troubleshooting.

WiFied R&D

Founder and Linux Network Engineer
- Bottom-up development of WiFi Linux systems and user-space design/development.

Selex Communications

Linux System Engineer
- Design and development of wireless Linux embedded systems. Network planning.


Learn all your life, said a dude.

University of Florence, Florence, Italy

Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
Thesys title: "Implementation of Link State like metrics on AODV protocol"

"ITIS Tito Sarrocchi" High School, Siena, Italy

High School Diploma.
Focus in Electronics and Telecommunications


Learn all your life, said a dude.


Joined the Microsoft Bizspark program as startup with TripTapp

Featured Projects

"Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit" - Lucio Anneo Seneca
(Non e' mai esistito ingegno senza un poco di pazzia)

Startup Saturday

From the website:
"Startup Saturday e' un appuntamento periodico fiorentino per startupper, innovatori e makers che hanno realizzato l'importanza del networking. E' l'occasione che aspettavi per confrontarti con persone come te, che hanno sogni, progetti e ambizioni da realizzare. Startup Saturday e' una giornata dedicata ad incontri a tema, workshop formativi, scambio conoscenze e pitch corners a cui Startupper, Innovatori, Maker e Appassionati possono dare il loro contributo. Una palestra da frequentare periodicamente per misurasi, migliorarsi, fare gruppo e attirare l'attenzione di investitori, media e istituzioni."

TripTapp - Share & Discover

TripTapp is based on the idea that the best way to discover the World is to follow others' trips and experiences. It makes it easy for everyone to organize, archive and share their trips around the globe, add photos, videos, tips and emotions. At the same time, these trips become travel guides for other travellers. The best way to discover the World is tripping others' trips: it's triptapping!

WiFied R&D


WiFied is the name of a Research and Development team that works on wireless network appliances running Linux kernel and FOSS, with the addition of ad-hoc software developed by the team itself.

The main areas of development are:
  • Embedded Linux OS development
  • WLAN networks design and testing
  • Bash scripting for testing tools and automated network configurations
  • C++ Linux daemon design and development


"Homo mundus minor" - Boezio
(L'uomo e' un mondo in miniatura)

There's something that wait for you when your work comes to an end: your passion, excitement, feeling, fire, joy. Call it whatever you want, it's something that burns, you can't stop it.

No parking night or day - Riccardo Coppola

Shooting the world

Having a technical background, photography is a perfect match for me: I can mix the tech of the camera with the emotion of the shoot. Nothing extraordinary, only my view of the world "through the lens" and much fun.

Frangar, non flectar

Here comes my deep passion: gym training. I love the environment of the gym, the commitment to work hard for a result you only see into your mind, the excitement to break a personal record: sounds good.

Train hard, or go home.


"Nec semper feriet quodcumque minabitur arcus" - Orazio
(L'arco non riuscira' sempre a colpire cio' che minaccera')

In today's world everything runs incredibly fast. Our tech world always demands faster results. In such an environment it is easy to think that nothing but the cold knowledge lasts for us to be succesful in our work.

Actually, the things that really change the world are always driven by something deep that's inside everyone and that's only looking for a breach to be able to get out and show himself to the world. This is what I call passion, and the right breach is only a matter of finding out what really is our native talent, feed it and let it grow.

Contacts & CV

In the Internet era, everything tend to be digital. Anyway, having a closer contact helps us to remain human being.